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At 9:06 a.m. I imagined that you imagined me

Somewhere in our conversation

In the words and contemplations

We found an acceptance

A union of the playful spirits that we were

Or maybe just a drunken amity


I walked through your life a long time ago

Only recently we laughed so

Good times sometimes are hard to have these days

I’m glad to have those memories


It seems sometimes I don’t share kisses much any more

It would be good sometimes to kiss like I had never kissed before
I imagine kisses from your lips again

My imagination draws you in

And at 9:06 I imagined you imagined me


Reverberations in my mind

I hear a song that played one time

“I can’t break these chains that I hold

My body’s growing cold,

There’s nothin left of this mind

Or my soul”

Reverberations in my mind

I hear what you said one time

How a loser and I are not the same

But I know why I came


But for the grace of

Grace of …


Seductiveness in a day that was

A memory to bequeath the spirits union

With clean hands

Still I have to wonder

I have to ponder


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