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We had gone to Tennessee to visit with my Unlce Ken since he was in the hospital quite ill. For as long as I can remember he called me Roadrunner. But that is just a fond memory of a dear man. It was getting late and we were heading to the motel but first we stopped to get a bite to eat at Zaxby's. It's nothing fancy, just a chicken place. I had my food and was sitting at the table and Mom & Brittni were walking over and getting ready to sit down. I heard the rumble and felt a vibration. It only lasted maybe 3 seconds. I told her that it felt like an eathquake. No one took me seriously, after all when had I been in an earthquake before? But the next morning we read about the earthquake in the paper! A 2.7 on the scale!

Earthquake 8 miles WNW of Maryville, Tennessee (Geocoded - vuac) occurred on March 17, 2005 at 2002 EST. I never knew it but that area is a fairly active area for eathquakes, just not sizeable ones and not near as frequent as on the west coast.

March 17, 2006 - Maryville, TN Earthquake

Look at the 2005-2006 archives for a list of  05-06 earthquakes
Central US Archives: 2005-06

Yes, I've backdated this entry. - Really written 8.25.2006 when I am again thinking about moving to Tennessee.
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