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Fist Day In An Empty Nest


These tears stain my face
So many things seem out of place
This house now seems so empty
 and I feel so all alone
Now that all the children have left my home
Baby girl left home just yesterday
She moved so far away
Tried to call baby boy; say hello
But he didn’t answer his phone
Goodbye, such a sad word when spoken in the dark
Knowing it’s the beginning of a long time apart
Oceans of raging emotion are drowning me
Still, I know one day I’ll come up for air and breathe
I know it’s time and the timing is right
I wouldn’t change it; but still with hurt I fight
My heart needs time to heal
And this new layer of skin needs time to feel

They’ve spread their wings and taken flight
I’m surveying what’s left but it doesn’t seem right
How, I wonder did time pass us by so fast
I always thought time would last
But here I sit in an empty nest
 with a few feathers of memories
Including those of yesterday when I bid, Godspeed



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