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On Me Being Organized

I am so far from being organized. I really need to work on this. I am not one for making New Years Resolutions too often but if I were, I'd have to resolve to get organized. I came across this today and I think it could be inspiring if I'd only let it.

Daily Word — Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Attuned to God, I organize my thoughts and my surroundings.
As I look around my home or work space, I may notice disarray or perhaps the accumulation of unnecessary material goods. The task of organizing may appear overwhelming. Where do I start?

I may look to nature for an example. I can take a cue from the ant or the worker bee. These creatures accomplish incredible feats of strength and organization. They benefit from living in the now moment, staying attuned to their instincts, and remaining intent on their mission.

As a creation of God, I have a vast capacity for resourcefulness. I have faith that I can organize my thoughts and my surroundings. As I live in the now moment, attuned to God, I organize my environment and accomplish my desired work in perfect time.

“You cleared the ground for it; it took deep root and filled the land.” —Psalm 80:9

DailyWord accessed 1/9/2006

It does seem overwhelming as I look at to the left and then to the right, just here at my desk - mountains of papers and books and so much stuff that I just can't do without. It seems that with the children gone we should have more room for things but still I haven't gotten stuff put away! Of course we still have some of Brittni's belongings sitting in the family room waiting on the movers to come. I wonder if they will ever come. The laundry room looks post hurricane. OK so focus... if I "remain intent" I can do it. But that seems to be part of the problem. I have been one to get distracted so easily. For example, I might go to put a book away and begin to read. (I am a book junkie). I have several web projects that I need to get organized; there again I have began working and ended up surfing... So maybe I should resolve to think like an ant or worker bee but since I don't know how they "think" and don't know any entomologists personally I can't really do that. But somewhere in my library of books I am sure I have one that could give me an inclination into the thoughts of ants and bees and if not, I am online and could easily access the information. BRB - maybe I can think like an ant or worker bee after all. . .

Actually, I think, I think too much like the Queen Bee. I need some worker bees to do the work for me. But since it is not likely that I will have worker bees to do my work for me I guess I will try and meditate on the Daily Word for Tuesday January 9, 2007 quoted above. I'll try to think those kinds of thoughts and maybe with that type of positive thinking I will become more organized.


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