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Moving On

I have avoided moving on in my career. As a CCU RN for about 13 years i was pretty comfortable in that role. Working nights for 15 years, another thing I'm good at. But then came the back injuries and being told to move on, that I don't need to be doing all the lifting and such activities that contribute to the likelihood of a permanent back injury, forget about living with the pain every day. Anyway I had put off getting another job. I guess there was a fear of failing but also I was so in my comfort zone and worked with such a great group of people. So again, i put off moving on to a less physically demanding job for years. But then it happened - a re-injury with an accompanying 20# weight lifting restriction and I am FORCED to move on. Something I have been so afraid of, I have no choice - My body has made the decision for me.

So the new job is challenging - Case Manager. It is not physically challenging, but hell there is a lot to learn and I will admit there have been times already that I have thought, "I'll never get all of this," but it seems to be getting better. So far only 1 major FUBAR that my trainer and I fixed without loss of life or limb. But it was something that should have never happened so I feel like shit about it. But it is done and over and I have to move on. Let it go and not let the one setback inhibit the rest of my learning. I learn from my mistakes and move on.

Life's circumstance have forced me to where I am now because I would have not budged. So on & on events come and come again and here we are in that place we find ourselves wondering how the hell did I get here. The answer is so complex sometimes and can take you back well into what seems like another lifetime.

The challenge of doing something different from what you know and learning new things is hard for me. I am in that transitional process right now. It's June 28, 2009 and for 12 years I worked in the same place, with the same people doing the same things. And now I'm taking on this new career path and even considering going back to school for a BSN & possibly a MSN - nurse practitioner. But hey, one step at a time!
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