Lisa (nocturne121) wrote,

A Misty Morning Silence

A Misty Morning Silence

Friday, February 09, 2001 0359AM

This is a poem about the serenity of this particular night.

The rooster calls to the hidden sun

The sound of dew drops break a moment of silence

A full moon in a dark, soon to fade sky

So much to behold for these lonely eyes

A night time chill and a fog overhangs the air

Misty morning silence without a care

A broken silence with mornings events in play

Making ready for the new day

Darkness still hides the light

As day comes to replace this night

Memories of dreams are fleeting

As morning nears, it’s silence weakening

Oh to follow this westward moon lit sky

To continue the experience of serenity for a time

But time is sure and moments pass

This still and quiet can not last

The eastern sky is soon to shed darkness and embrace a new day

Hints of this imminent reality are well on the way

How I yearn to take with me this repose

And to keep this peace as the night goes
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