Lisa (nocturne121) wrote,


Morning come once again
Returning as the faith-fullest of friends
Sit outside, look all around
Watch the water as it tumbles down
Feel the damp in the cool, crisp morning air
Watch the woodpecker peck, as if pecking were his only care
Listen, the sounds of a quiet, yet progressing day
Listen to morning give way
Hear birds song, watch the water dance
The fog in air becomes dew drops that break silence as they fall from the branch
Bare trees with their autumn leaves on winter ground
Bide time till spring comes back around
Happiness witnessed in dogs as they play
Glorious, how mornings make them feel this way
Going on, with events unseen, unheard
Grouped together by common word

And there am I, an insignificant part of it all
Experiencing these nuances of Creator's call
Tags: dogs, life, morning, poetry, tree, water
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