Lisa (nocturne121) wrote,

Old Song

i said always and forever
and I meant it from my young heart.
i didn't know how the future would play;
And how time would break my heart.

No one knew how the future would play.
Now it's the past and what was to be,
always and forever, couldn't last.

i was a young girl
Wild and carefree
he was my first love
first to mean the world to me

There was a song that played
On the AM air waves
I waited up half the night to hear it play
After making the request from the radio DJ

And now I listen to it again.
I think about that time.
And the forbidden love:
The first lover of mine

I wonder if he ever thinks of me
Not that it matters, really
I'm happy in my life
Happy to be another mans' wife

Does he remember the days we were in love
But too scared to say
Does he remember the tears we cried
The night before I moved away
And how damn hard it was to say good-bye

I still see it sometimes
Standing in the rain
He gave me a ring
But with dismay, I gave it back again

It was so so long ago
And I have gotten so old, it seems
Too scared now to be so wild and free
Like back then, like I used to be

I've grown
Become a stranger to the girl
That I used to be
A stranger to first love
Who, once in a while I will think of
When old songs play

It is true that love lives on
Oh how it lives on and on
In the emotions of an old old song
And memories of feeling that way
Tags: first love, poetry
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