April 10th, 2005


Freedom - To Fly

Free to Fly


I don’t know what it is,

But I know it is

A feeling I feel inside

A feeling that can’t be denied


But she’s going to do her own thing

And it’s almost time for her to fly

I see it in the way she spreads her wings

I see the want in her eyes


She’ll call it freedom

But she doesn’t know

She’s ready to leave

But how far can she go


Still, she is soon - free to fly


It might not be so bad

Except for the terrible blind vision I have

There’s her new love

A boy I’m not so sure of

I have a dreadful feeling deep within

He’s going to hurt her;

I just can’t say when

Or what

What will it be

God this feeling is mortifying me


She is in a little while - free to fly


I want to protect her from the pain

But I have to let her go, I understand

She’s my baby

She’ll always be

But letting go is not easy


She’s changing so quickly it seems

Since the new man of her dreams

Maybe that is what worries me so

And it’s not just that she’s now

Too ready to go


She looks to the west

Her sights are far from here

She spreads beautiful wings and practices flight

As that day draws ever so near


In next to no time at all,

She’ll be free to fly

Western Sky will send a final call

And she will fly, fly, fly.


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