May 13th, 2005


Friday the 13th

I didn't realize today is Friday the 13th. I see now that it is.
Superstitious? Not really.
I've survived enough of them to know this one is more likely to be as uneventful as all the others have been.
Uneventful really is a good thing.

Though I'm not sure what the dog is growling at. Do I hear a noise; maybe I should go and check it out. I should get up from the sex bed that I have laid in and investigate the new and strange noise. Moments pass, the dog has not come back. Of course, it is likely one of my friends playing a prank on me - at least that is what I am most likely to think, completely ignoring the eerie music now playing in the background.... My lover left to get something to drink and now this noise and that music... Don't you hear it? My lover, he does not sound so well. What is that music? It's like... What is that red fluid seeping under the door? What is thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Gasp.....
                                              OH NO
Ok so maybe uneventful isn't so good - it unleashes an overactive, "I've seen too many episodes of Friday The 13th" imagination!

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