January 17th, 2011


. . . we don't understand

In life there are the things we don't understand
We try, but we just can't.
We sometimes see things we don't want to see
We look for better things
For some it's a fight to stay alive
And others know just how to thrive
Pain, it comes and pain it goes
What is another's, you don't know

We breath the air that we pollute
Claim to live, lives astute
But the heart of man can change
Change once and change again
Where are those who stay true
And why do so many play "the fool"
Deceived by lies lived by man
It's just one of those things,
We might not understand

But in LOVE there is truth of the untold
We've rendered to life, our hearts to mold
Searching; we look to see
If love can satisfy our need
But what is "need" in the heart of man
Insooth, many will never understand

Not to love, but Love, unconditionally
Deny what you think you need
Expecting nothing
It will set you free

Life with pain

Life, I live
How can it hurt so?
I want to feel useful again
But how I don’t know

Experience of such physical pain
I’m soaking wet
Bathing in this heavy rain

Lost from my identity
I try to find some sanity
This pain has made me a stranger
I’m someone I no longer know
Once able to live
Now, numbed so

How can so many pass judgment
Of something they do not know?
Who can understand,
But those who know?