Lisa (nocturne121) wrote,


How can I wipe these tears when they fall without end
Inside my heart, I feel I have lost my only friend
How can a warm heart feel so cold
On a desert night with endless stars aglow

How can you tell me how many coins you hold in your hand
Then tell me how deep they are buried in the sand
You never let them go
But they changed hands, I know
Your words a contradiction
I listen to you with predilection

I want to believe you care more for me
Sometimes I can't believe
It can be particularly harsh, when truth is told
Yet it can be worse, when your truth inside, you come to know
I know, I've hurt you inside
And from that truth I've tried desperately to hide
I've thrown coins into every wishing well
To restrain those demons in hell
Dispensation comes (to me) at a price
Exoneration, I can not afford to buy

It's a high price for this, your unconscious revenge
How many more coins must you spend
Before you can buy back the words you say
That now cause my heart to break

I'm sure the cost in coin is more than you meant
But there are no refunds on these coins you've spent
Tags: poetry
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