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Blue Ribbons

Blue ribbons waltz
In the wind
Every now and then
Come together
But for the most
Just inadvertently blow
And with the wind,
We go
Paler we’ve become
With time
Interwoven are lives
Like yours and mine
It’s hard now
To see that radiant blue
Having become so faded
From dreams that did
And didn’t come true
Have they left us so weary
And jaded
Pale blue ribbons
Wind torn
Much older now
We’ve grown
Are we now too frayed
And worn
If there were time
To do it all again
Would we still be
This far apart
My dear friend
Pale blue ribbons cut loose
To blow free
In the wind
But I remember too
When ribbons,
So brilliantly blue
Amiably bonded
Me and you
Tags: age, friends, memories, poetry
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