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Public Domain

I've been taking a scroll through ebooks that are public domain.I'm so glad I live in this time and place where so much is available to and not yet a crime to, read. And free; costs nothing but time. (And having to explain yourself as to why you didn't get things done).

I remember as a young girl going to the library. And yes as a matter of fact, I did walk. Yes, it was uphill, only on the way home though but that doesn't diminish the size of the hill. Anyway, I remember walking through bamboo and thinking that was the coolest thing. When inside the library, I would listen to Bob Dylan with headphones and that was pretty cool too. Dylan was on record albums for inter library use only and I think I wore those albums out. Librarians would see me coming and know they'd be replacing the needle on the record player before long.

There were no bookstores like today's Barnes & Nobles, etc. Those that were, were local places. To the best of my knowledge there weren't national chains. Maybe I just didn't pay attention. There was after all plenty of times in my life when I didn't have time to read or so I thought. Still as best I can recall it was sometime in the 80s when I saw what I think was the precursor to places like B&N, Books a Million, and others - it was Waldenbooks. Whatever happened there, they had the right idea.

BUT TODAY it is so easy. We've come out of the age of chalk and slate. No excuses though. Say, kids today and that book report - cant say you lost your book - not if you have a smart phone and who besides my mom and dad does not?

And if you know and have direct experience with some of the things in this post, ha. You are as lucky as am I!!!

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World's a changing

I recall much of what you've said but not for a minute do I believe you ever walked to a library! Yes, teacher dragging us to the library during the school day...but go on your own after school - not the Lisa I know and love! The world certainly has changed since we were chick-a-dees. -Remember using the rotary phone in our folks house and pulling the cord as long as we could to get the phone out of the family room so we could have a private conversation?? Heck - remember the rotary phone! And all those bloody phone numbers we had to memorize(!) before we could just enter them into the address book on the phone?! Bet you still remember phone numbers from your childhood! I remember my home number from 2nd grade when I lived in New Jersey! Now...what did I do yesterday??? That has likely slipped my mind - ha!

Researching for a project now is just a few clicks away instead of hounding a librarian to help you search the card catalogs, microfiche and stacks! Damn, we had it rough! Wanna play the guitar? Beg your folks for lessons or bug an older kid to teach you a song - now your just a a U-Tube video away! Yeah...that's whats standing between me and my guitar career - ha!

Different world indeed. My daughter's middle school friend moved away )sound familiar?). Did they loose touch?? Heck no - they skype and the parents frequent flyer miles cover trips for the girls to travel to each others houses a couple times a year!

My husband did this "caring bridge" thing on the internet to update folks during my recovery. Folks were following, responding and praying for me in more than half of our states and several different countries! And that's so because the world is simply smaller and far more connected today. When you moved we were blessed for our parents to approve the occasional call and Lord knows we didn't use snail-mail to keep in contact. Even email has connected the world. Truly amazing. Hard to believe it is even the same world we were raised in.

Re: World's a changing

Would've been cool (or dangerous) to have had todays technology back then!!! How our lives might have been so very different indeed!

About those walks to the library, must have been a phase I was going through. Surely would not have admitted to it all those years ago. I had an image to maintain. Still, there was, my brief affair with Bob Dylan, before I fell victim to the so hot Andy Gibb, Leif Garret, the young John Travolta, . . . or any one of the 200 guys I had immortalized on my walls. For that, I owe a special thanks to Tiger Beat and Teen Beat magazines. My wall paper is not so colorful these days.

I remember that home phone privacy act! The bathroom was as far away from others as our phone would reach, which was quite a stretch! God forbid, someone actually had to use the bathroom while you were on the phone! Crisis! No call waiting, caller ID. A busy signal, what's that? I still remember your phone number in Williamsburg. I think it was the most dialed number from our house. Yes, rotary dial. Touch tone was the modern technology.

Photos in the mail was the BIGGEST excitement and connection of the day. They were few and far between. Yes, I still have some school pictures form Jr High! I do remember a few letters - what was postage .07 cents?

Skype would have been great, but I probably would have been "on restriction" from Skype...Hell, there for a while I was restricted from sending or receiving notes at home! Notes. I wish I still had some of those. I think I have one or two from Donna M, Michael B and Carlton H. Somewhere. Wow.

So true, the world is so much smaller in perspective. We are a click away. Looking at a US map, here to there seemed worlds away. The miles haven't changed, mile for mile the distance is the same. But it doesn't feel as far as it used to.

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