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I just finished reading again,The Bridges of Madison County and A Thousand Country Roads. I find too much in common and only read "Bridges" every once in a while. (This is the first time that I have read the epilogue, A Thousand Country Roads.) I get really sad when I read Bridges of Madison County but still it's like I have to read it every so often. Like I said, I find much in common. I suppose lots of people probably do. Though I surely hope my life does not end the same way. . . as the book ends and the sequel. My heart is breaking now.
Even so, I have a good life.

Today 9/14 is my 7th year wedding anniversary. Neither me or my husband remembered until I was telling the kids how long the window in the dining room has been broken (it has been broken for many years!!!) and was using the length of time that we have been married as a marker. (It has been broken longer than we have been married!) Then I realized what day it was, and of course told him Happy Anniversary, kissed him on the cheek and he laughed and said he was glad I had forgotten too. Neither of us are upset about forgetting, at least I don't think so. It is a special day and we vowed to go out for a nice dinner later this week.

I am really tired. Emotionally drained from the memories I share with Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson and a lack of sleep. I had stayed up till 0600 am this morning and only slept till 0955. Oh, I did get the Bowflex and I worked out today. On that note, I still have a few years to go until I have to be in the best shape of my life. :)
So I shall move on. Hold on. Dream on.
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