Lisa (nocturne121) wrote,

Las Vegas to Lake Havasu City


Las Vegas - This place has sure changed since I was last here! I find it hard to believe. Brittni and I drove up yesterday, spent the night. I took her on a mini tour of the strip and to where I and her daddy used to live. I showed her where we met. The memories are overwhelming. We had dinner at the House of Blues, walked the strip for a while and back to the hotel for some well deserved rest. The wind is really kicking up.

Leaving Las Vegas heading east to Boulder Dam (Hoover Dam)I notice the water is lower than I had ever seen it before. We spend a few minutes here and then we are on our way. Destination - The Land - The old home-place where Mother and Daddy used to live. It was a rather primitive living as they had no electricity or running water and the heat in the winter came from the old wood stove. There was no A/C in the summer. We spent a lot of time there. We would come down from Vegas when we lived there and then from Havasu when we lived there to visit often. But for now, it is cold here. The wind is blowing and it doesn't seem like it has been over 12 years since I have been here. We walk around in the desert around the old home place. We collect a few desert rocks to take back to sandy Florida. The sun is setting and the mountains off in the distance turns beautiful shade of purple just as I remembered. I miss this place.

Onward we go - destination LAKE HAVASU CITY. Brittni was born here in LHC. We arrive and check into a hotel that I would not recommend to anyone! Should have checked out and found another place to stay but we didn't. Paying .25 cents per local call seemed absurd. But I found my friend Sylvia and we went out for a few drinks and some conversation. The next day (the 23rd) we met up at Denny's and had breakfast. Then I followed her to her new place - well, in a round about way...Somehow I got behind a car that looked like hers and followed it. This dude aware that someone was following him made several loopy around the block and back again turns in an effort to lose me I guess. All the while I am wondering what the hell my friend is doing until, I realize OOPS I followed the wrong damn person! How embarrassing. I apologized to the man, explained my situation and drove off calling my friend. Anyway we hang out at her place till late in the evening and Brittni and I take off back to CA.

We take 95 South to 62 West. First time I have traveled this road (62) but it is nice as it is so very dark. I stop the car and look up in the sky, being miles from a populated area it is really beautiful. Another thing I miss so. Finally make it back to Homeland and promptly to bed being tired as can be.
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