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Rickie Lee Jones at The Wilshire in LA


The theater was beautiful and majestic. The concert was spectacular. Rickie was magical and she opened with the song Lap Dog from her new CD - "The Evening of My Best Day." It was awesome. She progressed through new and older music spanning the last 25 years from the first recording released - her self titled "Ricki Lee Jones" in 1979 to the new one released this year! She was amazing. She started out wonderful and got better and better as the night progressed!

Photo from the Rickie Lee Jones website, specifically from this review of the concert page: Singing for a World of Harmony by Natalie Nichols

I got to meet up with several of the FFTP members and while we were gathered together outside of the theater getting to know each other better and hoping to see the star of the show herself, Rickie Lee Jones comes out on the sidewalk where we were. And what a thrill it was to have Rickie come up and put her arm around me like we were old friends. I guess though, in a strange sort of way we are old friends as I have followed her music since 1979. She was awesome then and so cool. She still is.

Rickie is amazing. Though I have known this all along, I never got to experience it first hand like this. I am so glad that I made the journey to LA and to the concert. It was a fulfillment.
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