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Death Comes
Night Owl

I am awakened to the ring of the phone.
Hearing my daughter in conversation,
I wonder who is on.
She enters in and hands the phone to me;
I hear a familiar voice speaking,
My nephew, Sadly
"Grandma is gone" is what I hear.
Your time has finally come, Mother dear.

I am saddened by the news
But knowing your choice, this is what you'd choose.
Now new tears I cry
But I am comforted by the memories of your smile.

Going on, you're no longer alone
As you move on from your earthly home.
We'll miss you immensely that is sure;
Still you will live on forever more.
And I know we'll meet again on the other side
Of this experience where I still reside

She finally gave up this world and moved on. She is no longer tied to the lifeless body that lay there artificially kept alive. Will surely miss her, but I have the memories to keep me company.