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(no subject)
Damn it has been a really long time since I have posted anything. That does not mean that anything worthwile has not happened. Just busy with other things I guess. So Decmeber 15th it is. The weather has just recently, over the last couple of days, turned colder. I hate the cold. We have been having what seems to be a lot of power surges this week and I hope we don't lose power for any length of time while it is cold...No fireplace here...no alternate means of heat...

We were without power during the summer. We were visited by a huge guy named Ivan who took out power for us and the rest of the community as well. That was an experience. I suppose I could have mentioned that here. But I have been so damn busy doing other things. Maybe I'll do it anyway. Not now though.

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It HAS been a long time! Welcome back!

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