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Did Someone Say Cassette Tapes?

I am in the process of recording all of my old cassette tapes to the hard drive on my computer. Currently I am working on Hall and Oates Greatest Hits - Rock 'N Soul Part 1. It is a time consuming process, but an enjoyable one for the most part. Listening to some of these old songs sure brings back memories of days long gone - except from that obscure place in memory, suddenly brought to mind again with these songs from my past. Sometimes I find it delightful, sharing the memories and other times I cannot bear them. I cannot believe the time that has passed in recording these to the hard drive, yes, but also in the years that they represent, the years that have come and gone. Hell, this is my last year in my 30s. But for today I am still a 30 something year old gal. ha! So which cassette will be next? The Moody Blues? Stevie Nicks? Santana?

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