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Hmmm, This could be Interesting.... Maybe I should update my interests!!!

Taken from snockered , who took it from thirtycats

1. Look at my interest list and pick out the one interest that seems the most odd to you.

2. I’ll explain it.

3. Then you post this in your journal so other people can ask you about your interests.

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Who is Rickie Lee Jones?

Rickie Lee Jones is a talented singer/songwriter and musician who debuted in 1979 with the song “Chuck Es in Love” and has recorded several albums and now CDs since then. She was born in 1954 and has an awesome voice. She’s jazzy some times, pop some times, political some times and down right soul stirring some times. She writes songs and sings them in a way that I think only she could and they are songs that have touched my soul and corresponded with my life over the years. She has a style that is to me, all her own. Her talent is real versus some of the music you hear today that sounds so commercial. Her web site is here www.rickieleejones.com and she has another web presence www.furnitureforthepeople.com that has a variety of themes that further tell of who she is; it features a garden section, a political section as well as other things that are important to her. There’s a couple of poems of mine on her site, some recipes, and a bad picture of me there too in the concert scrapbook…a good one of her autographing my daughter is there too. She inspires and moves people. Her musical style does not appeal to everyone, but if you listen long enough you’ll discover she isn’t bound by one style; she does many and I’m sure you are likely to find something that will appeal to you, but that’s just my opinion. Her political style does not appeal to everyone either and not to say I agree with all of what she believes but I respect her for taking a stand and supporting it in what ways she has. It’s pretty cool when I think about it - She has inspired my teenage daughter to become somewhat of an activist and through her (Rickie) and her web site I have met some truly wonderful and amazing people that have become my friends.

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