Tags: good-bye


Writing On A Canyon Wall

This affliction from so long  ago
How can it  accost my soul
Holding me at bay
In places so far away

How dare the window of time
Open my heart and my mind
Loving so young, so early in life
Loving against such strife

Buried feelings grow strong again
How is it so, after a lifetime of mend
With clarity I see a face
The passions of love, it's first embrace
I remember well, the taste

How can this swell within my heart
When years of living have held apart
Content to be where I am today
What could cause me to feel this way

Why would I now wonder, What if
When what became is petroglyph
Writing on a canyon wall
A maiden in her prayer shawl
Praying to every god she did and didn’t know
For tranquility to find her soul
Arms lifted upward to the sky
Take this pain, lest I die
And with the passage of time,
sacred abodes crumbled
The painful groans no longer rumbled
Vivid memories, they faded
Inscriptions on the walls, degraded

So how dare the window of time
Open my heart and my mind
Beckoning me to this uncontrolled condition
Compelling this memory to recognition

It felt so good to hold on tight
But I had to let go, a drizzly night
In anguish I conceded to valediction
Sallow memories, and heartbreak accompany this apparition

Surely, I meant what I did say
When I said, I will love you, always
I find in this dry river's turbulent flow
You, Intimately entwined with my soul